Administrator’s Message

13Hello and greetings from the “G L S Family”. Founded in 2000, G L S Public School has evolved into one of the best and most reputed schools in Jammu. It really is only when you visit our campus that you get a sense of the community and family atmosphere that pervades. As you enter into the campus, you can see the volleyball court and badminton court lying next to each other. There is a large open space to walk around and enjoy the fresh air blowing across the campus. We are blessed to have a safe, noise- free & pollution-free clean and green campus.

G L S Public School is mission-driven and committed to empowering our learners with the skills and attitudes to take from G L S what they can to continue to grow throughout their days as lifelong learners. This is an institution where students become a part of a greater family, a place where the collective effort goes into ensuring that students, who come to us seeking an education, leave with a sense of empowerment and a realization of their responsibility, not only towards themselves, but also to the world around them.

G L S makes a sincere attempt to introduce a multifarious, holistic educational milieu that harmonizes technological advancements and humanistic wisdom.

It is my deep conviction that education needs to be a joyful experience that facilitates the growth and transformation of young minds and to help them to acquire skills to face the challenges of the competitive world. As Administrator at G L S, I believe in investing our resources and creative forces to enhance the intelligence, initiation, innovation and intuition of the budding minds to turn themselves as the worthy citizens of this world. We at G L S have taken this endeavor bringing a paradigm shift in the minds of the educators, students and parents.

We are actively seeking to bring in skilled and dedicated teaching and administrative staff to further build and strengthen our community of learners.

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