Academic and Governing Council

Gyani Lal Singh Memorial Society of Education & Research

Feeling encouraged due to encouragement and support from well-wishers and enthusiastic start and working of “G L S Public School” from 5th. April of year 2000, it was decided that formation of a society and registration of the same under Societies Registration Act was required for broadening the horizon and scope of activities in the priority sector and noble field of education.

“Gyani Lal Singh Memorial Society of Education & Research” was registered in April 2003.

Besides educational activities, it succeeded in meaningful campaign against corrupt practices and for the benefit of the people by the utilization of “Right to Information Act” and giving valuable feedbacks to the Education Department of the Government.

G L S Public School was founded in the year 2000 by S. Deep Singh Ji in the name of his uncle “Honourable Gyani Lal Singh Ji” who was a great visionary, man of principles and a humanitarian to the core. Courtesy, Dignity and Integrity were the core values of Gyani Ji’s life and the same values are the building blocks of G L S Public School.

Apart from managing the school, the society works for social causes at many levels. Within its school, the society ensures that considerable concession is given to students from economically weaker section of the society and even free uniform and books are provided to some students. Thus the society works as an NGO and works for the social cause.

Our mission is to educate and nurture every student. We strive to encourage students to question, be creative, to experiment and critically examine alternatives to make well-informed decisions. We strive to prepare them to become confident, self- directed life-long learners in ever changing and challenging world and productive participants in a democratic society. We work to provide the best educational and support facilities to the society at most reasonable costs.

In this direction, the society has moved a step further and now decided to provide a platform to the youth of Jammu & Kashmir in particular and the people of the whole country in general in the form of “Jammu Marathon” wherein they can inculcate running as a hobby that is free of cost and is the best exercise for their physical fitness. At the same time, it will provide them a platform to participate and compete in a National Level event for the first time within the state.

S. Deep Singh
General Secretary
Gyani Lal Singh Memorial Society of Education & Research

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